Frequently asked questions

Q: Can a land model be setup on a foundation?

A: Yes all of our land based models can be placed on a foundation that best suits your individual needs. Our in house design staff can tailor a seismically approved foundation specific to your construction site.

Q: What does Net Zero mean?

A: Net Zero is a term used to convey off grid compliance. According to the Net Zero Energy Council, Net Zero buildings are a building with Zero Net energy consumption, meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created by that building. All of our buildings are built to Net Zero readiness and are off grid compliant.

Q: Can these be moved to remote areas?

A: All of our buildings are constructed to go anywhere. We believe that everyone should have access to an affordable housing solution. All our units are transportable by land, sea and even air making every location within reach.

Q: Can I get an Alder model with only one bathroom and make the other bathroom a closet?

A: Absolutely. With an in house design team, we can create any floor plan you choose. We offer a fully customized solutions to make sure that you are getting exactly the home you are dreaming of.

Q: How is waste water handled?

A: Driftwood Design is committed to a goal that no solid waste ever gets discharged into the ocean. With that we have many different solutions available to handle waste water. From macerator pump/lift systems to holding tanks to septic pods we can accommodate your specific location requirements.

Q: Where can I put my new home?

A: Land based units can be located in almost any manufactured home park. Depending on the local municipal bylaws they can also be located as a primary residence, secondary suite, carriage home, garden home, and even in a multi family format. 

A: Water based units can be located in either fresh or salt water. Depending on government regulations specific to each waterway. Customers with water lease locations can easily place these connected to either their private dock, marine anchor buoy or direct beach access. We have a small list of marinas that are interested in welcoming these units into their communities.

Q: How long will it take to build?

A: Depending on the design and finishing required, an Alder model can be completed in roughly 25 working days. Specific lead time items can affect the start date of a build.

Q: Can I get a mortgage on a land based modular?

A: Yes. All of our homes, both floating and land based are built to step 5 of the BC Building Code and the A-277 building code and will have CSA certification on them. What this translates to is that they are build to a standard that exceeds all national and provincial building codes and are registered as either a Modular Home or Canadian Vessel. Land based units require a seismic foundation for qualification to meet the requirements of a CMHC Mortgage. 

Q: Is it possible to get a custom dock with my new float home?

A: Yes. All of our floats that are used for the manufacture of our floating homes are designed for the purpose of dock building. With over 24 years in the business of Dock building our sister company, New Wave Marine Solutions can create a dock in any size and variety that you choose.

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