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Removal of un-encapsulated Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam from marine environments

There is a current motion in the Canadian Federal Government to remove all un-encapsulated EPS foam from all marine environments in Canada. EPS foam accounts for nearly all current floatation of existing fish farms, shellfish operations marinas, floating wharves and float buildings,

Driftwood Design Ltd. uses only Canadian Food Inspection Agency grade plastic floats with NO expanded polystyrene in our floats. Produced by New Wave Marine Solutions; our floats are biologically inert which means that they will not impact marine environments and in addition to being used as flotation they are suitable for potable water storage, grey water and black water holding

2018 British Columbia Building Code changes for energy conservance.

The BCBC 2018 has been revised to allow for the introduction of mandatory energy modelling of all new construction. The BC Step Code outlines a graduated move to true energy efficient buildings with all new buildings to be net zero ready by 2032. Net Zero buildings produce their own electrical needs, have battery and solar connection capabilities and may not always be connected to the National Energy Grid.

Driftwood Designs Ltd. builds to the end requirement of the BC Step Code; Step 5, true Net Zero Ready buildings. This is a full 12 years ahead of the required compliance. Our buildings are built to an off the grid standard with battery and solar connections standard for all models*. With our exceptionally low electric loading, a single building can be outfitted with enough solar power generation to supply power for up to another four additional buildings.

*solar panels and battery banks are sized and spec'd to individual customer needs and are therefore not included in standard pricing.

Solar Gain and Loss for Heating Efficiencies

Our energy efficient buildings are built airtight and are outfitted with a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to control heat and humidity. This provides a longer life cycle to the building as well as a more efficient use of heat gathering from sunlight. Traditional housing uses and combination of natural and mechanical ventilation to remove moisture from homes which also forces out the warm air requiring constant make-up of warm air to the interior, typically through the use of forced air furnaces or baseboard heaters.

Driftwood Designs Ltd. only builds using exterior insulation to protect homes from being impacted by the elements. This translates to a greatly reduced heating requirement. In fact, the amount of sunlight during the winter solstice is enough solar radiance to maintain an internal temperature of 20 Celsius. Additionally by providing a completely air sealed environment and from constant air circulation through the use of the HRV's advanced HEPA air filtration, the interior air quality in the home is of hospital quality. 

Removal of Solid Waste from Marine Environments

This year alone more than a dozen beaches in the Straight of Georgia were closed due to high levels of E Coli in the water. The Vancouver canals are also reporting high levels of E Coli and each shut down swimming in those areas at the peak of the tourist season. Typically, water becomes contaminated sue to the introduction of untreated waste products.

Driftwood Designs Ltd. is committed to introducing no solid waste into marine environments. All our floating homes are designed for either grinder/lift pumps for removal of waste to private or municipal sanitary services, or through the use of our interchangeable 'Septic Pods' that contain all solids and separate waste in the same manner that septic fields do.

True Affordability with Modular Homes

Modular housing has been around for centuries and has continued to evolve with the needs of the end user. Today's modular housing tends more towards compact living for financial benefit, although some manufacturers do add limited architectural detail to provide form and character to existing manufactured home parks. Here in Canada, construction of manufactured homes is governed by the A277 code , the National Electrical Code and is tracked provincially by the BC Registry Service.

Driftwood Designs Ltd. builds all our homes to a true Net Zero capability and this is done by drastically improving the exterior shell of the building, which in turn allows for greater for greater customization of the interior space. We build in excess of the A277 Code, with independent building testing through the construction cycle which in turn makes our buildings CSA compliant. The ability to control the environment during construction also allows for greater efficiency of construction and a higher level of control over quality assurance. Unlike other building efficiency programs, we pride ourselves in reducing end user maintenance and utility costs through the use of simplified building systems.

Marine Transported Land-Based Models for Financial Efficiency

Building on islands in the straight or in remote communities has become cost prohibitive as the price per square foot for traditional on-site building can advance beyond $3000 per square foot due to transport costs of materials, having to house construction staff on site and the general logistics of overall construction. Weather and seasonal delays wreak havoc on schedules. There is also a lack of Homeowner Protection Office licensed builders in many small communities which further reduces the ability of these communities to grow.

Driftwood Designs Ltd. builds using economy of construction techniques that hold our price per square foot to a considerably lower threshold. The manufactured home building code and National Electrical Code, along with private inspections help ensure all our homes are built to exceed provincial and national codes. This results in a viable, cost effective housing alternatives for remote locations and communities.

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